CITRUS 6000-20ltr

CITRUS 6000-20ltr
Code: CT20
SP: CT20
Size: 20ltr
Mix Ratio:
Price: $95.59  


Released over 15 years ago, to meet the increasing demand for an environmentally responsible alternative to traditional harsh solvents used in workshops. Environmental concerns also began to show in other industries; such as marine, hospitality and transport. Today Citrus 6000 has been embraced by every conceivable industry as an effective, dilutable and safe cleaning solution. Strong enough to degrease a diesel engine, gentle enough with dilution to clean jewellery.

In 2003 Citrus 6000 was approved for use in the food processing and export industries, and carries the AQIS approval.

Sierra markets Citrus 6000 into restaurants, car detailing, mining, workshops, fishing trawlers, auto OEM, hotels and the domestic market. A true testament to the versatility of this product. Used by various councils and authorites for cleaning everything from Council Buses to floors to concrete.

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